About & Contact - Lynn Marchant
Bridal with Waterfall

Photographer: Lynn Marchant

Cell: 801-558-2970

Mailing address: 1656 Turin Drive Salt Lake City, Utah 84116

My name is Lynn Marchant and I love to "make" photographs.  (Ansel Adams said photographers do not take pictures, they make them.)

I first became interested in photography in the mid 1970's. In the 1980's I became serious in pursuing photography as a hobby.

Over the years I have taken pictures at various National Parks, scenic areas, weddings, family reunions, and families. In February of 2006 I decided to officially start a photography business with the name of Aspen Mountain Photography. The name Aspen Mountain Photography was registered as a business and the domain aspenmountainphotography.com was registered as well.

Photo shoots with me are casual and fun. People are comfortable with me. I prefer candid shots and more natural photos of people. Your special day will be a special day with me.

Winter's Edge
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